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25 Standard Size Kits to choose from!

Our Pavilion kits come in 5 standard size truss widths. Different size girder Lengths that can be mixed and matched to build 25 different size pergolas.


Now that's A LOT to choose from!

You can choose to leave the wood natural or have us stain it for you at an additional charge.


​​​Build all types of timber structures with our standard kits that are made of heavy solid timbers.


Don't settle for conventionally framed kits out on the market that are made of standard framing studs & then cladded to look like solid timbers.

Lengths of structures will be measured from outside to outside of supporting vertical posts with 4 posts on a 12'-14' foot long structure and 6 posts on a 16'-20' foot long structure. Length of structure will be determined by the supporting 8"x12" girders overall length. Keep in mind that a 12' foot long structure measured from outside to outside of supporting 8"x8" posts will have a total length of 14' foot. Girders will overhang 8"x8" posts by 12" on each side front to back. Girders will be 2' foot longer then the length of your structure.
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Width of structures will be determined by the width of the truss being used. For example, trusses will come in 5 different widths: 12', 14', 16', 18' & 20'. The width of a truss will be measured from outside to outside of supporting girders (not including the overhang of 18" on each side) which will give you plenty of overhang to shelter you from wind and rain. Example: A 12' wide truss with a 18" overhang on each side totals out to 3' of overhang plus the 12' wide truss will be a 15' overall length. A 20' truss will have a length of 23'.
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All trusses in the kit will be made from 4" x 8" timbers (larger size timbers are also available for an additional charge) and made with 3/16 steel mending plates on all connections which means not only will your structure be beautiful, it will be very strong as well.

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• 5 Standard size trusses with a 7/12 roof pitch. Keep in mind that a 7 on 12 roof pitch can range from roughly a 28° to 32° degree angle. Our 7 on 12 pitch will be cut to a 30° degree angle. 

• Additional Trusses are sold separately which can be ordered by SKU# located on picture above.

• Please note that the standard in stock trusses (pictured above) 12', 14', 16', 18', 20' foot can also be manufactured in odd or custom dimensions. Still a 7 on 12 Roof pitch with a lead time that can range from 1-2 Weeks. If a different roof pitch is desired/needed, lead time of 4 weeks will apply.

• Our standard trusses are made from 4"x8" rough Hemfir material. Larger size timbers and different wood species options are also available. Lead times for custom (Not Standard 4"x8" Hemfir) trusses will have a 4-6 week lead time.

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How to Order:

The best part of our pergola kits are there are minimal to no lead times! Most structures are in stock and can often be delivered within a week. Although our Custom size structures will have a 4-6 week lead time.

Boards and Beams is not trying to build the lowest cost structure on the market, but a structure that has the highest value for your money. All of our kits are embellished with heavy decorative custom-made iron that will give your structure great strength and old world beauty that no other structure on the market offers. Is there a cheaper way of building pergolas??? YES! Look at our competitors...but Boards and Beams feels that value is the best choice our consumers can make.

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